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All five of the managing partners/cousins spent a substantial portion of their childhood growing up on the property that now consists of the Bri-Scot Business Park. To them, it is a lifetime memory, family heirloom and source of family pride. The five managing partners/cousins grew up in two adjacent houses (only one of which still stands) located directly next to the commercial properties. Those residential properties are also still owned by the family and used as part of the Bri-Scot enterprise.



Adam Diekewicz  is the on-site manager. He is the primary contact for any questions regarding daily activities. He reports to the five managing partners.

W. Scott Anderson, III (son of W. Scott Anderson, Jr.)

In addition to being Bri-Scot's Managing General Partner, Scott is an environmental consultant with a large international engineering firm. He specializes in air quality and environmental permitting and compliance services for a wide range industrial, commercial, and government clients. He has a BS in Chemical Engineering from University of Delaware and is a licensed engineer in California and Pennsylvania.

Scott began working at Bri-Scot at age 6, by pulling weeds from the planting beds in front of the original Andbro (410 building). He moved up to cleaning bathrooms and mopping the floors on weekends during high school. In summers, he worked with his grandfather (Scott Sr.) in the warehouses of Andbro. After college, he worked with Color-Dec (420 Building) doing technical sales and environmental permitting for the companies printing equipment. Scott also managed the operations of Hydrografix, a novel 3D decorating process (440 Building) during the late 1980's. Scott took the role of Bri-Scot Managing General Partner in 2011.

Scott lives in Bucks County, PA in an old stone farm house with his wife Marta, a dog named Daisy, and three cats. Scott enjoys camping, music, and cooking vegan and vegetarian meals with local ingredients. He plays upright bass professionally with the Goose Creek Pioneers, a Bluegrass/Americana band; so, you may hear him at a farm market, folk festival, tavern, or political event around the Delaware Valley.

Sherry Brown (Anderson, daughter of Brian Anderson)

Sherry started working at Andbro in 1974 in the production area and eventually in the quality assurance department as the business grew. She moved on to Los Angeles, San Francisco and onto Burlington, Vermont.

She attended Trinity College and the University of Vermont, served as an active part of the United Way RSVP advisory board and more recently on the Board of Saratoga Vital Aging Network.

She has spent the past 20 years in facility and property management, specializing in sports facilities, community centers and senior focused residential and commercial communities. She is also CNA and Certified Senior Advisor.

Sherry currently resides in NY. She has a son, Mathew, with a family and new grandson in Vermont. She also has a daughter, Rachel, in New York City.

Vickie Anderson-White, (daughter of Brian Anderson)

Vickie began working at Bri-Scot training in the die department. She spent over 10 years there creating hot stamp dies and assisting the art department. She moved to Vermont around 1990, transitioning to the newspaper business, after working in the restaurant business briefly.

Working at the Vermont Times in Burlington as production assistant, she grew to love graphic design and the editorial aspect of the job. Vickie continued to work in graphics doing advertising design and freelance work for numerous years. Moving to Woodstock, VT when her son was born, she took a job at the Woodstock Standard and Windsor Chronicle, two local newspapers that supported central Vermont. While living there, she began a more extensive editorial role at the Windsor Chronicle for about 10 more years.

She moved to New Hampshire in 2004 and now works as a graphic designer, doing marketing and communications for a Risk Management company. In her free time, she belongs to a local organic community garden, volunteers, and takes care of her 200-year-old farmhouse in rural New Hampshire. Vickie has an 18-year-old son, who attends the University of New Hampshire and a 10 year old dog, named Xena.

Sandy Johnson (Anderson, daughter of W. Scott Anderson, Jr.)


Hello, I am Sandy Johnson. I grew up in Pitman and spent many happy hours exploring the woods adjacent to the park when I was young. I graduated from Pitman High School and then went on to college to get my RN. I presently work as a Registered Nurse in an Ear Nose and throat office in Philadelphia.

I currently reside with my husband and three (almost Grown! ) sons in Lindenwold , NJ. I still enjoy playing in the woods and am a Boy Scout leader in Lindenwold. I also enjoy many outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking and geocaching.

I am at the park semi-regularly so you may see me around. If you see me, please feel free to introduce yourself. I'd love to say HI and get to know you.

Steven Anderson  (son of W. Scott Anderson, Jr.)

Steve was born March 1963 in Ohio. Shortly thereafter, the entire family moved to New Jersey. Steve basically grew up in Pitman and spent most of his childhood roaming around the woods and small stream/swamp that border the Bri-Scot Business Park.

Steve’s first “job” was weeding gardens around the plant well before he was 10 although he does remember "inspecting" printed tubes in the old chicken coop when he was around five or a little older. He migrated to cleaning restrooms and eventually working extensively in the warehouse. All of this, he did while going to school.

After graduating from Pitman High School, Steve went on to graduate with a Masters degree in electrical engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia. Steve then went to work for Intel for 13 years. Since 1999, Steve and his wife Monika have owned and operated an adventure/fishing lodge in Alaska near Anchorage (, Soldotna B&B Lodge and Alaska Fishing Charters). Steve and Monika have two young girls: Erika 7 and Lilly 2 and Kitty cat, Tiger. Steve and his family presently split time between Soldotna, Alaska and Grenzach-Wyhlen, Germany (Monika is German).


Bri-Scot Business Park

420 Andbro Drive, Unit 6-B, Pitman New Jersey 08071 

Office:    856-256-8910


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